About us

SmarterEE B.V. was started in 2006. After two years of research in the area of video content analysis, SmarterEE made an important next step. The first version of the product SmarterGuard was launched and SmarterEE proved its potential by acquiring access to seed capital.

The first version of SmarterGuard was made available for free through the Internet. Users were (and still are) very enthusiastic and they provided SmarterEE with feedback and comments allowing us to further improve the technology. In these initial versions of the product, the algorithms were only available for one camera at a time. Today, SmarterEE delivers a comprehensive platform which can cluster all camera’s available and which allows for a smart analysis of the total content available.

SmarterEE delivers its technology in several ways:
  1. To customers directly in case there is a specific project or pilot requirement or in situations where a reseller with specific experience is not appointed yet;
  2. Through resellers who use a SmarterEE product as part of their offering;
  3. Together with partners for specific purposes.

For more information, please check the sections of this website covering product, solution and partner information.