Welcome to Smarter Electronic Eye

SEE all there is! SEE brings a revolutionary solution to leverage your investment in camera hardware. You can now use any existing camera infrastructure to support an array of exiting functionality. The SEE technology is a new, software based solution enabling you to perform various tasks simultaneously.

SEEing is believing! SEE is used for security, recognition, monitoring, counting, tracking and many other purposes at the same time without the need for specific camera’s. It enhances your flexibility by combining the output from all cameras into one data stream which is examined by unique, patended algorithms for each of the functions you would like to deploy. Rather than having someone monitor camera footage, the software will take this over at a much higher level of accuracy. And it will alert you only if it detects anything worth while reporting.

SEE the advantage! The SEE platform enables you to automate many tasks by configuring the SEE software as you require. Imagine to combine simple entry and exit counting with face recognition for warning purposes and to track circulation at the same time using the existing camera set! The SEE platform is modular in its design and can be deployed for one or more functions as you require.